The Influence of Entrepreneurial Culture on Social Transformation by Social Enterprises in Kiambu County, Kenya


  • Njenga Francis Kigo Tangaza University
  • Daniel M. Kitonga Tangaza University College – Catholic University of Eastern Africa


Several studies indicate that social enterprises have contributed tremendously to social
transformation in different ways. The impact of social entrepreneurship in Africa links correctly to
Ubuntuism, which emphasizes a culture of interdependence and reciprocity over individualism and
self-interest, to a cultural belief in community/societal interest above individual gain. This paper
sought to investigate the influence of entrepreneurial culture on social transformation in Kiambu
County, Kenya. The study used a descriptive survey design with a sample size of 322 social
enterprises from a target population of 1944 social enterprises spread over 12 sub-counties of
Kiambu. The study used several sampling techniques. First, the study used purposive sampling to
select Kiambu County; secondly, the study used stratified sampling technique to stratify the social
enterprises according to the 12 sub-counties belonging to Kiambu County. Finally, the study used
simple random sampling to pick respondents from each strata for the study. From the findings,
entrepreneurial culture by social enterprises was found to predict social transformation as indicated
by F(3, 281) = 55.990, p<.05. Likewise, the results from the p-values shows there is a positive
significant correlation between entrepreneurial culture and social transformation by social
enterprises (r = 0.448, p = 0.000) in Kiambu County. The study concludes that entrepreneurial
culture, when applied properly, has a positive effect on social transformation by social enterprises.
These findings are useful to different stakeholders; most importantly, the national and county
governments and the academia in Kenya. Future studies can extend the sample size and diversify
the variables for better understanding of the field of social enterprises in social transformation.




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