Christian Persecution and its Implications for the Church

A Case of Persecuted Christians in Garissa Township Constituency, Garissa County, Kenya


  • Gitonga Fredrick Nyaga Africa International University


Persecution, Church, Christian, Implications, Garissa


The story of the early Church is a narrative of great persecution that aimed at censoring Christianity. Kenya has experienced a high level of Christian persecution in the North-Eastern part of the country, particularly Garissa, Mandera, and Wajir Counties. This has implications for the Church thus this study investigated the Christian persecution and its implications for the Church among Christians in Garissa County. The study used the qualitative method and developed an interview guide with open-ended questions in collecting data. The composition of the population was adult Christians from Garissa Township Constituency. The interview questions were administered to a sample of 30 respondents in the English language. The study found out that 90% of the participants have experienced certain forms of persecution ranging from death threats and economic discrimination, to violent extremist attacks and social exclusion. The study also identified several ways of preparedness to face persecution which include: reading and memorizing the Word of God, prayer, and fasting, and trusting in God. To how participants responded to persecution, five responses were identified including: prayer, staying and enduring, aggressive love, and fleeing. Several implications of persecution for the Church were also identified which include: loss of life and properties, physical and psychological torture, and unity of the Church. The study recommends that the Kenyan Church put pressure on the government to heighten security in the region. The persecuted church too, where possible, should be a vibrant part of the society, avoid giving unnecessary offense and bringing on “avoidable” persecution. 





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